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Falli's Word

Falli giving an Ayurvedic Marma Point Facial in Spa Garden

Good day family and friends! We are excited to be open again and offering our full services to our customers and members. In addition to the spa's increased disinfecting and safety protocols, we ask that everyone please bring their own mask and socks. We look forward to seeing you again!  

Due to the COVID-19 closures, we gave fee waivers to all Jasmine members for their $80 monthly fee for April and May. Regular payments will begin again starting June 1st. Any Jasmine member who did not use their benefit in March, may still use it in June. We encourage you to come pamper yourself after such stressful times!

Falli's Mother and Father

I would like to wish all the men with children a very Happy Father's Day! My father was my hero. I learned so much from him, including my passion for natural healing. I am grateful for my wonderful childhood, and he inspired me to be the person I am today. I miss him and my mother every day. Pampering is not just for mother's anymore. We hope you will choose to honor your father with either one of our spa package specials or one that you can create. We can guarantee he will be treated like royalty! Looking for something unique to do? How does an Indian cooking class sound? My husband Sunny and I will be holding our monthly vegan, Indian cooking class on June 21 outside on the spa's love-

ly deck. You can join our intimate group of 10 people for this authentic experience by clicking here. As always, my wish for you is to become the best version of yourself. My team and I are here to support you in your journey of health through the various services and classes that we offer. Please email me at seventhwonderspa@gmail.com if there is something that I can offer that will help you with your health goals. I look forward to the next time we see each other and thank you for choosing Seventh Wonder Holistic Spa as your partner in wellness.

Love and blessings,

Falli Shah

Owner, Seventh Wonder Holistic Spa 

A Sacred Space for Your Mind, Body and Spirit


Father's Day Spa Specials



Dad's Relaxing Day Package

Investment: $235

- 70 minute optimized massage 

- 30 minute near-infared sauna session 

- 60 minute energy work (Reiki or Pranic)

- Tulsi lemongrass tea

 Please note, when booking this package you must select the Book Packages tab.  


Wonder Dad

Investment: $190 

- 70 minute massage 

- 60 minute back facial

- Tulsi lemongrass tea 

Please note, when booking this package you must select the Book Packages tab. 


10% Off on Thai Tuesday 

Enjoy 10% off a Thai massage every Tuesday. 

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient healing system that combines broad and targeted acupressure, stimulation and manipulation of energy lines called sen, and assisted yoga postures. Treatment effects are enhanced when the patient is fully relaxed and breathing deeply. Please wear loose clothing similar to pajamas for best results. 


In-Spa Kundalini Yoga Class

Monday, June 1 from 9am-10am 

Monday, June 8 from 9am-10am 

Monday, June 15 from 9am-10am 

Monday, June 22 from 9am-10am 

Monday, June 29 from 9am-10am

Instructor: Ashley Ireland

Investment: $15

Book online : http://www.seventh-wonder.com/events/2020-06/

Please wear a mask for everyone's safety.

Kundalini yoga  is called the yoga of awareness and it awakens you to your full potential. This happens through stimulating the Kundalini energy, which lies dormant at the base of your spine, causing the energy to rise up through the energy centers, or chakras, of the body.  The goal of Kundalini Yoga is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness.  Kundalini Yoga uses drishti (or eye focus), mudras (hand postures), asanas (postures), and chanting, combining all of these together, helps to increase physical healing and emotional peace.This session will include tuning in, warm ups, pranayama (breathing techniques), kriya (set of exercises), deep relaxation and meditation. It is suitable for all ages and stages.


In -Spa Twin Hearts Meditation 

Tuesday, June 2 from 6-7pm

Tuesday, June 16 from 6-7pm

Facilitator: Falli Shah

Investment: Free

Book online: http://www.seventh-wonder.com/events/2020-06/

Please wear a mask for everyone's safety.

This advanced meditation technique was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui and is aimed at achieving illumination of universal consciousness.  The phases of the meditation are: physical exercise, invoking divine blessings, relaxation/cleansing and energizing, self-introspection and inner reflection, activating the heart chakra, activating the crown chakra, achieving illumination, releasing excess energy and expression of gratitude and thanks. Seventh Wonder Holistic Spa is honored to offer this free service to bring positive awareness and harmony to the community.


Online Mudra Vigyan - Science of Gestures Class via ZOOM 

Wednesday, June 3 from 10-11am

Wednesday, June 10 from 10-11am

Wednesday, June 17 from 10-11am

Wednesday, June 24 from 10-11am

Instrutor:  Dr. Kamal Parikh, M.D. 

Investment: $10

Book online: http://www.seventh-wonder.com/events/2020-06/

ZOOM login information will be sent 24 hours prior to class. 

 Mudras are for everyone. They awaken cosmic energies and purify the mind, body and soul. They are finger postures performed by pressing two fingertips together by flexing and stretching the other fingers in a particular manner. Mudras stimulate electromagnetic energy, activate dormant nerves, correct imbalance and heal many ailments. They are engaged during pranayama and meditation while practicing certain asanas. Each finger represents an element: Thumb finger represents Agni/fire - Index finger represents Vayu/air - Middle finger represents Akash/ether - Ring finger represents Pruthvi/earth - Little finger represent Varun/water. Bandhas are unique internal energy locks that conserve and distribute the vital energy within the body and prevent it from flowing outwards. Bandhas are engaged only during kumbhaka or retention of breath. They are advanced techniques that are designed to improve circulation, vitality, stability in the torso and improve overall strength. Finger postures called mudras are used in this meditation focused on purifying the mind, body, and soul. 


Outdoor Full Moon Drum Circle

Tuesday, June 6 from 6:30-8:30pm

Instructor: Julianne Batagllia

Investment: $15

Book online: http://www.seventh-wonder.com/events/2020-06/

In partnership with The Church of Cosmic Truth join us for a full moon drum circle. Come share in the joy of expressing yourself through music and dance. There will be a few extra instruments to share, but we recommend bringing your own.

Please wear a mask for everyone's safety.


Outdoor Pranayama Meditation Class

Sunday, June 7 from 10-11AM

Instructor: Elizabeth Henrichsen

Investment: $20 

Book online: http://www.seventh-wonder.com/events/2020-06/

Please wear a mask for everyone's safety.

Pranayama is the conscious awareness of breath. Through guided breathing you will increase the oxygen to your brain and all your internal organs which facilitates physical healing. 


Outdoor Yoga Nidra Meditation Class

Sunday, June 7 from 11:15AM-12:15PM

Instructor: Elizabeth Henrichsen

Investment: $20

Book online: http://www.seventh-wonder.com/events/2020-06/

Please wear a mask for everyone's safety.

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation. Nidra is a Sanskrit term meaning "sleep." In yoga, yoga nidra is a meditation practice that induces a state of deep, but conscious relaxation. The goal of yoga nidra is to achieve a state of samadhi (intense concentration), enlightenment, or bliss.


Outdoor Indian Cooking Class 

Sunday, June 21 from 4-6pm

Chefs: Falli & Sunny Shah

Location: Seventh Wonder Holistic Spa

Investment: $45

Menu: Delicious vegan Indian food.

Book online: http://www.seventh-wonder.com/events/2020-06/

Please wear a mask for everyone's safety.


Spa Membership Program

Jasmine Membership

Save money by becoming a Jasmine Member.  You will recieve one of the below services for only $80 per month. Plus 10% off all products and services. Memberships may be shared with family and friends.

- Optimized massage + sauna ($135 value)

- Optimized facial + sauna ($135 value)

- Energy work + sauna ($135 value)


Body and Skin Care

Skin & Health Care Products

Temperatures are rising and that means it is more important than ever to moisturize your skin. We also carry essial oils, CBD oil and homeopathic products. Our product lines include:  Karin Herzog, Guinot, Dermatude, Still LIfe Organics, doTerra, Aroma Magic and Medisynth. 



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