Half Term Update - February 2021


Dear Parents,

We are currently in week 5 of our 11 week Spring Term so I wanted to drop you a line to let you know about our 'plans' for the remaining 6 weeks.

Plans is in inverted commas as, after 11 months of dealing with CV-19, I think we all know how things can change...


We know there will be an announcement on 22nd February regarding next steps. 

We have therefore come up with 2 courses of action regarding classes depending on what is said. 

We need to wait and see what is permitted with regard to whether we can return to face to face classes and if so, how.


Because the announcement is being made on 22nd February which is the Monday that marks the start of the next half term, classes from Monday 22nd - Saturday 27th Feb will continue as they have been this term. 

We will send out details of our future plans during this week and any changes will come into effect from Monday 1st March.


As we are on week 5 of 11, that means that next week marks 6 lessons until the end of this current term. 

As you all know, if you do not wish to continue lessons next term, you need to give us notice by Sunday 7th February. 

We are unable to guarantee you any face to face classes next term however we are very optimistic that we will be 'back' and are busy making plans for our filmed show as well as exams.

Lastly, thank you for sticking with it. 

I have said it before, but I am amazed that this time last year we had 3 days of exams and that those same students (and some more) are now ready to take the next exam despite all the online/blended/outdoor classes that have been thrown their way this past year. This is serious lesson in delayed gratification, resilience and flexibility (of all kinds). 

Here's a photo of the Grade 3 Tappers last year to remind us of happier times, when our biggest conern was Storm Dennis (or was it Ciara?!).

Jo xxx




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