Classes from after half term - details


Hello everyone,

It has been such a great start to term - we thought the excitement of dancing together would wear off but we're at week four and it hasn't yet!

We are now busy preparing for exams over the next two weekends, as well as planning more sessions for July and December.

This email is to let you know about the classes in the second half of this Summer Term.


If you recall, we have not invoiced you for any sessions after half term in case Stage 3 of the roadmap hailed any changes for us. 

Sadly the changes are very few and do not affect us and our buildings or capacity at all. 

Therefore, the timetable will remain almost exactly the same after half term as it is now.  

(Please note : Half Term is Sunday 30th May to Sunday 6th June)

The following classes start times will change by 5 - 15 minutes after half term:

Grade 1 Ballet (5.30pm start from 7th June)

Grade 2 Ballet (6.20pm start from 7th June)

Intermediate Foundation Ballet (7.10pm start from 7th June)

Intermediate Ballet (8.15pm start from 7th June)

Intermediate Street (5pm start from 8th June)

Grade 6 Modern (6.35pm start from 10th June)

Grade 6 Tap (7.20pm start from 10th June)

The other change is that students over 11 no longer need to wear masks in communal areas from 17th May onwards.

Invoices will now be generated for the second half of term, unless you gave your 6 lessons notice at the start of this term.


In terms of our showcase on Sunday 4th July, sadly it means we are not able to combine classes for rehearsals or choreograph anything too ambitious. This is because students are still expected to remain at least 1m away from each other at all times making partner work and patterning rather tricky!

This may change on 21st June but that would be just 13 days before the showcase which is not enough time to rehearse.

The capacity of the theatre is another question mark that will affect how we organise the performance and dances.

I will attempt to get my head round all the options and work with the teachers over half term to come up with a plan that will work regardless of the roadmap.

Many thanks as always,

Jo x



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