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Falli's Word

Happy August dear family and friends! This picture is a from a recent visit from both of my sons, Smit and Shaleen. I kept their visit a surprise from my husband, and it was such fun to see his face when they arrived! It was also wonderful to spend time being a grandmother to my two grandsons and grand-dog, Murphy. I am always amazed what two children can create with a few boxes and sheets. 

COVID-19 has allowed us more time to spend together as a famly, and for that I am grateful. Staying at home more often has also allowed me to spend more time in my garden and more time meditating. There are always positive attributes to any situation and I encourage you to make the most of this precious time together. 

I am excited to announce that this is the spa's 5th year anniversary at the current location in Avondale. We had planned to have an open house event, but have chosen to postpone it due to COVID-19. When it is safe to gather in larger numbers we will be sure to invite you to come clelebrate with us!

I have chosen to take a break on some of our class offerings for the rest of the year. We will only offer Twin Hearts Meditation and Kundalini Yoga. 

As always, my wish for you is to become the best version of yourself. My team and I are here to support you in your journey of health through the various services and classes that we offer. Please email me at if there is something that I can offer that will help you with your health goals. I look forward to the next time we see each other and thank you for choosing Seventh Wonder Holistic Spa as your partner in wellness.

Love and blessings,

Falli Shah

Owner, Seventh Wonder Holistic Spa 

A Sacred Space for Your Mind, Body and Spirit


Walk among our spa and services in the beautiful video below.

Featured Spa Services for August

- Couples Packages -

Cheers to love and spa days! Summer love is definitely in the air as July was a popular month for our couples packages. We offer a variety  of packages that contain built in discounts. All couples packages include herbal teal, home-made, vegan chocolates and champagne.

- Couples Wonder: 90-minute aromatic massage with scalp therapy and an hour facial in our beautiful Himalayan salt room, 30- minutes in our near infared sauna, and paraffin wax for silky smooth hands.

- Stone Kisses: 45-minute hot stone massage, and 45-minutes of energy work.

- Couples Tease: 40-minute aromatherapy massage and 40-minute facial with 30-minutes in our healing near-infared sauna. 

- Couples Embrace: 70-minute massage and 30-minutes in our near-infared sauna.

- Bodhi Manas: Ayurvedic services that include Abhyanga (warm her-infused oil massage), and Ubtan exfoliation that helps to remove dead skin cells and improve lymphatic drainage form the body.


Cellulite Removal with O2 Body Wrap

Rid of Unwanted Cellulite with an O2 Body Wrap by Karin Herzog

This treatment is clinically proven to diminish cellulite, even skin texture and tone, and firm sagging skin. The skin instantly looks smoother, more radiant and tighter after just one session! After 5 to 10 treatments over the course of 4-5 weeks, combined with healthy eating and exercise, the results are truly amazing. Customers report thigh and tummy circumference reduced by several inches!

The O2 body wrap cellulite treatment draws on the powerful qualities of three Karin Herzog products: 

Shower Body Scrub which removes dead skin cells to refine, polish and nourish the skin without abrasion or irritation. It is made of white marble powder, jojoba, almond oil, apricot oil and vitamin E. 

Silhouette contains 4% oxygen that not only hydrates, but helps to break up fatty deposits leaving the skin with a smoother surface.

Tonus B12  contians high concentrations of green tea and viamin B12 which provide an additional energy boost and aid the body's natural metabolic function. This product works in tandum with Silhouette to help the lymphatic system rid of the fatty deposits.

Book your O2 Body wrap today by calling 904-381-8686.

These products may either be purchaed in the spa or online.




Kundalini Yoga Class 

Saturday, August 8 from 9am-10am 

Saturday, August 15 from 9am-10am 

Saturday, August 22 from 9am-10am 

Saturday, August 29 from 9am-10am 

Instructor: Ashley Ireland

Investment: $15

For everyone's safety, please wear a mask.

Kundalini yoga  is called the yoga of awareness and it awakens you to your full potential. This happens through stimulating the Kundalini energy, which lies dormant at the base of your spine, causing the energy 

 to rise up through the energy centers, or chakras, of the body.  The goal of Kundalini Yoga is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness.  Kundalini Yoga uses drishti (or eye focus), mudras (hand postures), asanas (postures), and chanting, combining all of these together, helps to increase physical healing and emotional peace.This session will include tuning in, warm ups, pranayama (breathing techniques), kriya (set of exercises), deep relaxation and meditation. It is suitable for all ages and stages.

Twin Hearts Meditation 

Tuesday, August 4 from 6-7pm

Tuesday, August 18 from 6-7pm

Facilitator: Falli Shah

Investment: Free 

For everyone's safety, please wear a mask.

This advanced meditation technique was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui and is aimed at achieving illumination of universal consciousness.  The phases of the meditation are: physical exercise, invoking divine blessings, relaxation/cleansing and energizing, self-introspection and inner reflection, activating the heart chakra, activating the crown chakra, achieving illumination, releasing excess energy and expression of gratitude and thanks. Seventh Wonder Holistic Spa is honored to offer this free service to bring positive awareness and harmony to the community.

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Spa Membership Program

Jasmine Membership

Save money by becoming a Jasmine Member.  You will recieve one of the below services for only $80 per month. Plus 10% off all products and services. Memberships may be shared with family and friends.

- Optimized massage + sauna ($135 value)

- Optimized facial + sauna ($135 value)

- Energy work + sauna ($135 value)





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