We made it! 


Apologies all - I managed to miss off the following 2 names from the list of Zoom Troopers which AJ has brought to my attention:

Perdey Forshaw (Senior Street)

Kitty Pritchett (Senior Street)

Please know that if your child has not been named, it doesn't in any way mean that they have been 'bad' on Zoom. The fact that everyone has taken part is amazing and this recognition is nothing to do with dance skill. We will certainly be congratulating everyone when we see them and discussing the challenges we all faced.

We usually give out presentation prizes but have let that side of things go, understanding that just getting your children to dance on Zoom is enough. We also know that Zoom classes do not suit everyone in terms of space or their learning style.

Lastly, the YouTube video for Jnr/Inter Zoom Off was blocked due to the music used but should be on there now, with one of the tracks removed.





This Saturday will be the end of our Spring Term and, hopefully, the last we will have to do on Zoom.

Since this time last year, the students have had a maximum of 8 lessons in person out of 38. Bearing this in mind, they have done stupendously. As have you parents. 

The times I have thought we should just give it all up have been countless and then, someone's dog will join in with Tap, one of the students will type something hilarious into the 'chat' or we will have a breakthrough with a routine or step.

With this in mind, we teachers have discussed certain students who have been particularly remarkable; be it with their attendance, attitude, uniform + hair or all of the above. They have kept us going and will be receiving a certificate and prize at the first lesson back next term. These students are:

Miss Ellis' Zoom Troopers:

Alayna Malik (G1 Tap + Modern)

Emma Rees (G1 Tap + Modern)

Molly Parker (G1 Tap + Modern)

Yasmeen Conway (G3 Tap + Modern)

Ameera Malik (G3 Tap + Modern)

Arabella Gleghorn (HOP)

Oona Taylor (HOP)

Charlotte Lowe (SKIP)

Ami Mountford (JUMP)

Miss Alice's Zoom Troopers:

Sofia Tilio (Primary Ballet)

Marnie Bishop (Primary Ballet)

Rosie Hodgkinson (Primary Ballet)

Allegra Pettyfer (G1 Ballet)

Phoebe Corcoran (G1 Ballet)

Maud Cooke (G2 Ballet)

Mia Debreceny (G2 Ballet)

Ameera Malik (G3 Ballet)

Phoebe White (G4 Ballet)

Miss Naomi's Zoom Troopers:

Maud Cooke (G2 Tap + Modern)

Matilda Barton (G2 Tap + Modern)

Olivia Goodsall (G2 Tap + Modern)

Avishi Kushagra (G2 Modern)

Francesca Seaton (JUMP)

Catalina Winyard (JUMP)

AJ's Zoom Troopers:

Livia Woolfenden (Junior Street)

Abigail Swetman (Junior Street)

Madeleine Harverson (Intermediate Street)

Joseph Harverson (Intermediate Street)

Tina Daniels (Junior Contemporary)

Sam Wilkinson-Thorpe (Junior Contemporary)

Ella Haughton (Senior Contemporary)

Miss Jo's Zoom Troopers:

Maud Cooke (Intermediate Performance)

Lily Williams (Intermediate Performance)

Phoebe White (G5 Modern)

Isabella Howell (G6 Modern)

Well done to them all and thank you for keeping us teachers going.



Zoom Off

You may remember that in our Performance classes up to half term, 4 of us took it in turns to choreograph a dance for each class (Jnr/Inter and Snr) around the theme of 'New Beginnings'.

I am pleased to announce the results, which were very close indeed!


1st Place - Miss Alice with 'Anything Can Happen'

2nd Place - Miss Ellis with 'No Goodbyes'


1st Place - Miss Jo with 'Gotta Get Thru This'

2nd Place - AJ with 'Gravitation'

All the dances are below for you to have look at if you haven't already and we were and are so impressed that the pupils retained the steps so well after 1 week of learning.

This half of term we are having a more friendly Zoom IN and look forward to sharing the collaborative dances we have been teaching!



Half Term Challenge

You may also recall that we set a half term daily dance challenge on Instagram. 

We asked you to:

1) TAP: Do as many tap steps that have 4 sounds in them in 15 seconds (Ellis)

2) MODERN: Make up 4 bars of 8 counts of floor work to any song you choose (Naomi)

3) STREET: Choreograph a piece with standing up, going to the floor and ending in a freeze (AJ)

4) PERFORMANCE : Make up 4 bars of 8 counts to any piece of music, ensuring the moves reflect the song (Jo)

5) BALLET: Watch the pas de deux from The Nutcracker and do your best to copy it (Alice)

Our winners, without a doubt, who entered each day without fail were:

Jess + Lori Brooks

Each of you will receive a £25 gift voucher to spend at the studio; well done + thank you for your energy, creativity + enthusiasm!

Make sure you're following us on Instagram to take part in the next one!



Summer Term 2021

We can't wait to see all our students from Monday 19th April - either at the studio or at Kitson Hall.

Please take a look at the timetable below to familiarise yourself with any changes of time or location; making sure you are looking at the right side of timetable which details next term's schedule. (This schedule was sent out on 24th February)

We will be sending out invoices by the end of the week which will cover the first 6 weeks of term only - just in case there are any nasty surprises in store and we have to change things again. I really hope the only change will be ripping up the tape used to mark out the boxes!

We have a great deal planned for this term which is a very strange feeling indeed; exam sessions in both May + July AND I have provisionally booked the theatre at Roehampton for a showcase on SUNDAY 4th JULY.

Please try to keep this date free if you are keen to take part! I can't imagine how thrilling it will be to have the whole school together again. 

Thank you again for ploughing on this term, last term and this whole horrible year. There have been so many personal struggles for all and I hope we can put some of them behind us and enjoy a dance-filled summer.

Jo x



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