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Avi and Aarav

Falli's Word

Good day my family and friends! I hope you are enjoying your Summer as much as I am. Most recently, I was blessed by both my sons, my daughter-in-law and two grandsons in Jacksonville. We enjoyed spending family time together and also had the opportunity to tube down the crystal clear waters of the Ichnetucknee river, and get creative with pottery at Gina Martinelli's Art & Music Studio.The kids loved it! 

In July, I also had the opportunity to participate in Guru Purnima in Houston, TX. This is a full moon spiritual tradition observed by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains dedicated to evolved and enlightened spiritual and academic teachers (gurus), who have shared their knowledge for little or no monetary compensation. It is a time of "self-realization" based upon the beliefts of Dada Bhagwan (Akram Vignan Movement) who was a spiritual leader from India. The experience or self-realization is described as revelation or manifestation of the god within, or pure self, supreme self manifested through the body. It was an honor to participate in this sacred event that shares my spiritual beliefs. 

In this month's newsletter, I am featuring a few of the services that are unique to our spa. As someone who only wants the best in health for you, I hope that you find one or two that ressonate with you. Looking forward to seeing you!

Love and blessings,

Falli Shah

Owner, Seventh Wonder Holistic Spa 

A Sacred Space for Your Mind, Body and Spirit


Health Tip of the Month from 

Massage & Sound Therapist Deana Reyburn

Question: What is sound therapy and how can I benefit from it? 

Answer: I am a licensed massage therapist who is also certified in singing bowl therapy. This form of therapy dates back to the 12th century and has been used for meditation and rituals in Tibetan culture. Each bowl, made from seven metals, produces a different and powerful pitch and vibration. The bowls are placed on or near your body. As I play the bowl you will feel the vibrations throughout your body. It is like taking a bath in sound that is mentally and physically soothing. 

Singing Bowl Sound Therapy offered in 45 minute sessions for $105.

It is recommended that this service be paired with the massage of your choice. 

Both Deana Rayburn and Falli Shah are certified for sound therapy bookings. 

Benefits of Sound Therapy

- Heals physical aches and pains

- Reduces stress

- Reduces mental and emotional issues

- Relieves chakra blockages.


Jasmine Membership

Become a Jasmine Member and receive ONE of these services for only $80 per month. Plus 10% off all products and services. Memberships may be shared with family and friends.
- Optimized massage + sauna ($135 value)

- Optimized facial + sauna ($135 value)

- Energy work + sauna ($135 value)


Dr. Goswami's Ayurvedic Advice

  • Question: What holistic approach do you recommend that will help me decrease the effects of aging and increase my overall health and wellbeing? 
  • Answer: My recommendation is the daily practice of Abhyanga which is an ayurvedic oil massage. Abhyanga provides the means for transdermal absorption of the healing qualities of the material used in the massage, and it helps the skin, which is the largest organ in the body, perform its diverse functions efficiently, whether it iallowing toxins to be released from the body or nourishment to be absorbed by 

the tissues. It is like oiling the engine of your car — if you do it regularly, your engine will be in peak condition, and give you years and years of trouble-free performance. 

The spa offers the service of Abhyanga with Ubutan (herbal body scrub) and the Near Infared Sauna, 90 minutes for $160.  

Benefits of Abhyanga

  1. - Nourishes the entire body and decreases the effects of aging
  2. - Imparts muscle tone and vigor to the dhatus (tissues) of the body
  3. - Imparts a firmness to the limbs
  4. - Lubricates the joints
  5. - Increases circulation
  6. - Stimulates the internal organs of the body
  7. - Assists in elimination of impurities from the body
  8. - Moves the lymph, aiding in detoxification
  9. - Increases stamina
  10. - Calms the nerves
  11. - Benefits sleep- better, deeper sleep
  12. - Enhances vision
  13. - Makes hair grow- thick, soft and glossy
  14. - Softens and smoothens skin; wrinkles are reduced and disappear
  15. - Pacifies Vata and Pitta and stimulates Kapha.

Himalayan Salt Room

$20 per individual

$30 per couple

Can be added to most facials and all massages. 

Dry salt therapy, or halotherapy, is a holistic therapy using micro particles of salt to promote better breathing, healthier skin, 

sounder sleep, improved physical fitness, endurance and overall wellness. Dry salt therapy also helps to alleviate symptoms of many respiratory (asthma, cough, cold) and skin conditions (rosacea, psoriasis, acne). The negative ions found in Himalayan salt counterbalance the many positive ions we pick up from electronic devices like cell phones, tablets, and computers.Neutralizing the atmosphere in this way stabilizes mood, decreases stress and prepares the body for ultimate healing.


Near Infared (NIR) Sauna

$30 for 30 minutes

Can be added on to any service. 

Near infrared light saunas use incandescent infrared heat lamps for heating. The infrared lamp sauna penetrates deeper than other saunas (three inches) due to the fact that the heat source is all concentrated in a small area. 

Benefits of Near Infrared Sauna Therapy

-Boots the metabolism: The mitochondria (power plants of the cells) produce more ATP (energy currency of the cells) when NIR (near infrared rays) is introduced.

-Reduces body fat

-Reduces visible cellulite

-Increases energy: NIR activates the color sensitive chemicals (chromophores & cytochrome systems) to depths of 23 centimeters, stimulating the energy processes in cells.

-Detoxifies the body: Increased blood circulation stimulates the sweat glands, releasing built-up toxins and waste.

Sweat is the only way to remove certain carcinogenic PCBs, dioxins, phthalates, and volatile organic hydrocarbons. Heating the body powerfully shunts blood toward the skin to dissipate heat. This decongests the internal organs and greatly stimulates circulation. Sinuses, joints and many other tissues benefit greatly.

-Lessens joint and muscle pain and increases flexibility

-Rejuvenates skin: NIR increases collagen, eleastin and essential skin protein production. It reduces wrinkles, scars, sun damage, stretch marks, age spots, fine lines, and pore size.

-Simulates exercise: Saunas provide many of the benefits of exercise with much less expenditure of energy. These include enhanced circulation and oxidation of the tissues. Repeated sauna use can lower elevated blood pressure and improve the elasticity of the arteries. Saunas are most helpful for cardiovascular rehabilitation, arthritis, allergies, skin conditions and chemical sensitivity. 

-Increased strenght: Growth hormone release is induced by an increase in body temperature and not by exercise itself. Growth hormone increases muscle mass, calcium retention, and lipolysis (the breakdown of stored fat).

-Fever therapy (hyperthermia for infections): Raising body temperature powerfully assists the body to kill bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. Many people have a low body temperature, and for this reason, cannot get rid of chronic infections. Common sites of infections are the sinuses, ears, eyes, bladder, throat and intestines.

-Tumors, radiation poisoning, and mutated cells: Hyperthermia also helps kill other types of abnormal cells. Tumors, for example, tolerate heat poorly. Raising body temperature hastens their death. Though not a conventional method, hyperthermia is a well-researched therapy for cancer. Heat also disables or kills cells mutated by radiation or damaged by other toxins.Inhibiting the sympathetic nervous system. This is tremendous benefit not offered by many therapies of any kind. It enables the body to relax, heal and regenerate itself much faster, causing recovery from many types of ailments.




Twin Hearts Meditation Class

Tuesday, August 6 from 6pm-7pm

Tuesday, August 20 from 6pm -7pm

Facilitator: Falli Shah

Investment: Free

Art Therapy

Thursday, August 15 from 6:30pm-8pm

Instructor: Danielle Cleary

Investment: $77 per class

Pranayama with Meditation Class

Sunday, August 25 from 10am-11am

Instructor: Elizabeth Henrichsen

Investment: $20 

Yoga Nidra Meditation Class

Sunday, August 25 from 11:15am-12:15pm

Instructor: Elizabeth Henrichsen

Investment: $20


Rent the Spa for Your Next Event!

We are currently taking bookings to rent out the spa. Not all of it, but one indoor room and the entire back deck and gardens. Perfect for bridal luncheons, intimate weddings, birthdays, and smaller corporate events. 

Available from 8am-10pm Wednesdays, Sundays and every other day after 6pm. Call us at 904-381-8686 and ask for Melanie Davis to help plan your next memorable event. 

Sang Ha Room


Garden- East View


Gift Certificates

A spa gift certificate is the perfect gift for any occasion. Certificates are available for any dollar amount and are valid for one year from date of purchase. Certificates may be purchased in person, or for your conveniece they are also availabe online. Online orders can be emailed for immediate delivery.



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