Details of the timetable for the next 10 weeks


Hello again everyone,

I hope you've managed to work out what the roadmap means for you and that there's some small seeds of excitement being planted about what the rest of the year could bring.

The OOSS guidance has now been updated so yesterday we teachers worked hard on the timetables, weighing up class numbers, exam options and teacher availability with the restrictions.

I am conscious that there is a lot of information to take in in this email but hopefully it will allow you to understand why we are taking the actions we are.

Here are the main points:

  • For the next 4 weeks we remain online and have made slight changes to the timetable outlined below. Revised Zoom links will be sent on Sunday.
  • When we return for the Summer Term (19th April) we do have to be socially distanced with only 8 people permitted at the studio at a time until 16th May at least. This means 6 or 7 pupils max, with a teacher and front desk person depending on time of the class. We have therefore rejigged the location and times of some classes so that they don’t have to be blended as before.*
  • We will now start invoicing you only for the 6 weeks following the Easter holidays, rather than for the full 11-week term. This is because we don’t know if things will change again as we move through the road map. When we know what changes will be taking place as of 17th May, we will weigh up the benefits of changing the timetable for the second half of term with the amount of disruption it would cause to your schedules. We will then distribute our proposed timetable and invoice for the remaining 5 weeks of term.
  • Students aged 11 + over will need to wear masks when entering + leaving classes at the studio + Kitson Hall from 19th April.
  • This current 11-week Spring Term ends on Saturday 27th March. We then have our Easter break, restarting the Summer Term on Monday 19th April.

* The Primary Ballet class is the only session out of 32 that needs to be blended. There are 9 students enrolled in this class for the Summer Term which means, for the 6 weeks from 19th April, students will do 2 classes at the studio and 1 online. From 17th May, there may be changes to the guidance meaning all can be together again. If not, we hope this change will come into effect 21st June.

We realise that the changes from 1st March, and then again from 19th April, could be a problem, and that we have not given you the 6 lesson notice of these changes that we require from you. This is of course because we did not know what the announcement would bring.

However, in the interests of fairness, if we have changed the day or time of your class and that means you can no longer do it, please let us know by Sunday 28th February

We will then refund the 4 classes that have already been paid for as account credit towards your next term's invoice. If you are unable to do the class changes from 19th April, please let us know and we will see what we can do. Please let us know by 28th February though as we will be starting invoicing on Monday 29th February and are already behind!

We hope that by giving you our timetable as early as possible - hopefully before the other clubs/activities you participate in - that you will be able to shape your other commitments around dancing; fingers crossed!

However, within all of this, we must remind you that the government roadmap may change and therefore the plan we have in place for 19th April onwards may not be possible.

Please find the timetables below (images + PDF option), taking important note of times + locations, especially from 19th April onwards. 

There is a further written summary of changes underneath which I would advise you to read when you have time, so that you can be sure you are aware of any changes that may affect your classes.

Many thanks as always,

Jo x




Summary of changes from 1st March - 27th March


  • G2 Ballet splits from G3 Ballet and moves to a Monday.
  • Intermediate Ballet merges with Intermediate Foundation Ballet for the next 4 weeks.
  • Senior Contemporary merges with Intermediate Contemporary and this class moves to a Tuesday.
  • Senior Street moves to a Tuesday for the next 4 weeks.
  • G2 Tap + Modern move to a Wednesday and Ellis + Naomi teach these classes together. Whilst online, they will use breakout rooms where needed for these mixed ability classes in order to hopefully prepare some students for exams in July.
  • G3 Ballet is now its own standalone class on a Wednesday.
  • Wednesday SKIP students join the Saturday SKIP session for the remaining 4 weeks of this term.
  • Friday JUMP students join the Saturday JUMP session for the remaining 4 week of this term.
  • Naomi joins Ellis to teach JUMP on a Saturday and they will use breakout rooms where needed for this mixed ability class. This class becomes 60 mins whilst online without extra charge.

Summary of changes from 19th April - 29th May


  • 10 mins in between classes at studio for changeover, 5 mins at Kitson Hall.
  • Primary Ballet is blended until 16th May with a ratio of 2 studio classes to 1 online - hopefully it will change after this.
  • Inter and Inter F Ballet separated again. (Please note that once we can eliminate the 10 mins between classes the Inter class will start at 7.40pm rather than 8.30pm - we are aware this is a late start and hope that we can make it earlier ASAP)
  • Wednesday SKIP reinstated and taught by Miss Alice at the Studio.
  • Snr Street + Inter/Snr Contemporary move back to a Thursday and takes place at Kitson Hall. (Please note that long term we want Inter + Snr Contemporary and Snr Street classes to take place on a Tuesday because, those students that do these classes also do Modern + Tap and their Modern + Tap classes take place on a Thursday when they reach Grade 5).
  • G1 + 2 Tap + Modern take place at Kitson Hall in the Large Hall with both Ellis + Naomi again to accommodate these mixed ability classes. (Please note that we would like to start the G1 classes earlier, and in turn the G2 classes, however we are not sure on school finishing times so will be in touch to confirm).
  • G3 - 5 Ballet takes place at the Studio as smaller class sizes than the Modern + Tap classes despite older students. (Studio space expanded)
  • G5 + 6 Tap and Modern takes place at the Studio as smaller class sizes than the Street + Contemporary classes. (Studio space expanded)
  • Friday JUMP reinstated (45 mins) and taught by Naomi at Kitson Hall. Those students from the Saturday class that are being considered for exams will be asked to attend 2 classes per week. (Only charged for one)
  • Naomi joins Ellis to teach JUMP on a Saturday; reverts back to 45 mins.
  • Ellis to teach Performance classes until 16th May - could change after this.
  • BBCon + Limbering not on timetable whilst social distancing in place as would have to be blended.

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