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Happy Mother's Day

We will be celebrating and honoring you for the entire month of May!

Falli's Word

Falli and her sons Shaleen and Smit

Good day family and friends. I know the COVID situation can feel scary, but I am feeling good about May.  Not only is it a month where we honor the wonderful women that raised us, but it is also a time to honor our Mother Earth. I am grateful for the abundant life she provides for us on a daily basis. It appears that the global quarantines did her well as I have read many reports of clearer skies and water sources as well as new sightings where

they hadn't been seen before. This is all very good news! There is always something positive in every situation, and I am looking forward to hearing about your quarantine adventures when we (hopefully) open in May. Until then, we are open for limited services which include: 

-Pranic no-touch energy healing;

-Pranic facials;

-Virtual ayurvedic consultations;

-Virtual tarot readings;

-Virtual classes;

- And skin care product sales. 

All services or classes MUST be booked online through our website at  

Please know that we intend to take all possible precautions to ensure your safety including but not limited to: screening all customers prior to booking, taking temperatures prior to service, and deeply disinfecting all surfaces between services. All employees will wear masks and we ask that our customers do the same. If you don't have a mask we will provide one for you at the time of service. 

My husband and I are hoping we can hold our Indian cooking class on May 31 at the spa. We are looking forward to it and hope you can join our intimate group of 10 people. We recommend you bring masks for the safety of everyone. 

As always my wish for you is to become the best version of yourself. My team and I are here to support you in your jouney of health through Ayurvedic consultation, spa services and classes. Please email me at if there is something that I can offer that will heIp you with your health goals. I look forward to the next time we see each other and thank you for choosing Seventh Wonder Holistic Spa as your partner in wellness.

Love and blessings,

Falli Shah

Owner, Seventh Wonder Holistic Spa 

A Sacred Space for Your Mind, Body and Spirit


Due to COVID-19, we recommend investing in Gift Certificates which can be used whenever it is convenient for your mom . Gift certificates can be purchased online, or in person by appointment. Feel free to email us or call should you have any questions.


Mother's Day Spa Specials



Mommy and Me/Nanna and Me 

Investment: $375
- 40 minute aromatherapy facial 

- 40 minute aromatherapy massage 

- 30 minute near-infared sauna session 

- Parafin wax hand treatment 

- Chocolates & champagne or fruits & tea 

Please note, when booking this package you must select that you are "2 persons-couple" under Book Services tab. 


Mom's Retreat 

Investment: $315
- 70 minute facial 

- 70 minute massage 

- Tulsi lemongrass tea 

- Singing bowl sound therapy 

- 30 minute near-infared sauna session 

Please note, when booking this package you must select the Book Packages tab. 


Mommy Time 

Investment: $270
70 minute facial 

- 70 minute massage 

- Pedichi foot massage and detox 

- Parafin wax hand treatment 

- Vegan lunch with Tulisi lemongrass tea 

Please note, when booking this package you must select the Book Packages tab.

Spa is Now Open for the Following Services!

Book online or call for an appointment.

Pranic Energy Healing and Pranic Facial*

-Full body



$105 for 60 minutes

Jasmine members may use monthly benefit. To book type "Energy Work Jamine Member" as type of service.

During these times of uncertainty, pranic healing can help with many stress related issues such as anxiety and insomnia.  It can also help with physical pain, infertility, headaches, and ADHD. Pranic energy healing is based on the fundamental principles that the body is a self-repairing living entity that possesses the ability to heal itself.  It involves a no-touch healing approach that works with the body's auric fields to give physical, mental and emotional balance. All pranic sessions will be performed by spa owner and advanced pranic practitioner, Falli Shah.  

*Disclaimer: Pranic healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it. If symptoms persist or the ailment is severe, please immediately consult a medical doctor.


Virtual Ayurvedic Consultations

Investment: $85

This process identifies the various components of an individual's constitution, and determines where imbalances may exist. It provides education, guidance and options for helping the individual to regain balance and improve their health and wellness. The exam is a thorough process in which your consultant really gets to know you. After evaluating all aspects of your being, a practitioner will make clear suggestions about which Ayurvedic practices you can adopt to maintain a life of balance. These may include daily self-care routines, oils, food choices, yoga, pranayama techniques, meditation, movement practices, and herbs.


Near-Infared Light Sauna Sessions

Investment: $30 for 30 minutes

An incredible therapy to help protect your body during the time of COVID-19. Near infrared light saunas use incandescent infrared heat lamps for heating. The infrared lamp sauna penetrates deeper than other saunas (three inches) due to the fact that the heat source is all concentrated in a small area.


- Raises body temperature resulting in killing off bacteria, funci, viruses and parasites.  

- Kills abnormal cells

- Detoxifies the body

- Boots the metabolism

- Reduces body fat

- Reduces visible cellulite

- Increases energy

- Lessens joint and muscle pain

- Increases flexibility

- Rejuvenates skin

- Simulates exercise: 

- Increases strength


Virtual Tarot Readings

Investment: $65 for an hour

Manifest a better understaning of the connections between heart, mind, body, and your inner fire that currently impacts your well being. Our tarot reader is sought after for holding space for her clients and accessing messages that want to be known. Every reading includes a spread customized to your inquiry, plus an embodiment card for incorporating the reading into the rhythms of your life.


Skin & Health Care Products

Temperatures are rising and that means it is more important than ever to moisturize your skin. We also carry essial oils, CBD oil and homeopathic products. Our product lines include:  Karin Herzog, Guinot, Dermatude, Still LIfe Organics, doTerra, Aroma Magic and Medisynth. 



Due to COVID-19, most of our May classes are still live, but will be held virtually through secure, password protected ZOOM classes. Registration will be the same as before through our website. After you register, ZOOM meeting and password codes will be sent to you.

 Please call us if you have any questions at 904-381-8686.


Live Virtual Kundalini Yoga Class

Monday, May 4 from 9am-10am 

and 6-7pm

Monday, May 11 from 9am-10am 

and 6pm-7pm

Monday, May 18 from 9am-10am 

and 6-7pm

Monday, May 25 from 9am-10am 

and 6-7pm

Instructor: Ashley Ireland

Investment: $15

Book online :

Kundalini yoga  is called the yoga of awareness and it awakens you to your full potential. This happens through stimulating the Kundalini energy, which lies dormant at the base of your spine, causing the energy to rise up through the energy centers, or chakras, of the body.  The goal of Kundalini Yoga is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness.  Kundalini Yoga uses drishti (or eye focus), mudras (hand postures), asanas (postures), and chanting, combining all of these together, helps to increase physical healing and emotional peace.This session will include tuning in, warm ups, pranayama (breathing techniques), kriya (set of exercises), deep relaxation and meditation. It is suitable for all ages and stages.


Twin Hearts Meditation Class

Tuesday, May 5 from 6-7pm (May be offered virtually, so please regisiter on our website)

Tuesday, May 19 from 6-7pm at spa, please wear a mask for everyone's safety.

Facilitator: Falli Shah

Investment: Free

Book online:

This advanced meditation technique was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui and is aimed at achieving illumination of universal consciousness.  The phases of the meditation are: physical exercise, invoking divine blessings, relaxation/cleansing and energizing, self-introspection and inner reflection, activating the heart chakra, activating the crown chakra, achieving illumination, releasing excess energy and expression of gratitude and thanks. Seventh Wonder Holistic Spa is honored to offer this free service to bring positive awareness and harmony to the community.


Live Virtual Pranayama with Meditation Class

Sunday, May 17 from 10-11AM

Instructor: Elizabeth Henrichsen

Investment: $20 

Book online:

Pranayama is the conscious awareness of breath. Through guided breathing you will increase the oxygen to your brain and all your internal organs which facilitates physical healing. Class limited to 8 people.


Live Virtual Yoga Nidra Meditation Class

Sunday, May 17 from 11:15AM-12:15PM

Instructor: Elizabeth Henrichsen

Investment: $20

Book online:

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation. Nidra is a Sanskrit term meaning "sleep." In yoga, yoga nidra is a meditation practice that induces a state of deep, but conscious relaxation. The goal of yoga nidra is to achieve a state of samadhi (intense concentration), enlightenment, or bliss.


Live Virtual New Moon Ritual - A Community Healing Gathering

Wednesday, May 22 from 6:30-8:30pm

Guide: Misti C. Miller, Cermonialist, Spiritualprenuer, Intuitive Reader

Investment: $15

Book online:

You are invited to join us in a powerful, relaxing & healing movement! Thousands of Circles around the world gather on the full moon to unify with the intention of healing. With the new moon is in Pisces, we will focus on intuitive intelligence: “I trust my intuitive wisdom”.Intentionally working the moon cycles is a simple and practical way to make deep and lasting change in your life. The four stages of the healing ceremony will include: 

1. Theme activation

2. Healing Workshop

3. Ritual

4. SIgnature Heart Meditation with Sound Bath


Indian Cooking Class 

Sunday, May 31 from 4-6pm

Chefs: Falli & Sunny Shah

Location: Seventh Wonder Holistic Spa

Investment: $45

Book online:


Pav Bhaji, a buttery tasting mixed vegetable curry that is served with Indian buns, and Pulao with Raita which is a vegetable rice dish that is served with a flavored sauce that is yogurt based.  

Please bring a mask to wear for everyone's safety. 


Jasmine Membership

Become a Jasmine Member and receive one of these services for only $80 per month. Plus 10% off all products and services. Memberships may be shared with family and friends.

- Optimized massage + sauna ($135 value)

- Optimized facial + sauna ($135 value)

- Energy work + sauna ($135 value)



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