What the 'road map' means for children's classes...


Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well and pleased that your children will be returning to school in 12 days time.

I wanted to drop you all a line to say that we are working on our plan for returning to classes behind the scenes.

The road map stated that 'All children's activities, indoor parent + child groups (up to 15 parents)' could restart in Step 2; 12th April.

However, what is crucial for us and the studio space in particular, is whether these activities will have to take place under the same restrictions as the Autumn Term e.g. based on square footage, ventilation, bubbles, social distancing etc.

I am yet to have full clarification on this as the 'Out Of School Setting' guidance has not yet been updated following last night's announcement. 

I have however put together timetables for both scenarios, taking into account the decreased numbers we now have as well as the different stages we are at with certain students and their exam preparation.

We teachers are working through all the options to ensure we make decisions that are best for the current situation as well as classes from September onwards.

I hope that the guidance will be updated ASAP and that I can give you details by the end of the week.

Many thanks as always and do keep voting in the Zoom Off as well as pledging in the Crowdfunder!

Jo x


We are basing all our plans on the numbers currently enrolled for the Summer Term. 

So, if you gave notice but are planning/hoping to come back if we are in person, this may not be possible.

We will need to prioritise those already enrolled, for example if we are only allowed 6 in a studio class and you decide to rejoin, meaning that class then has 7 and therefore needs to be blended, we may not be able to accommodate you. Hopefully we will be allowed to return without restrictions and we can go back to normal!


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